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The Research Data Management Core coordinates stewardship of research data produced at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. We support compliance with institutional, state, and federal policy for research data by working across campus to envision, plan, develop, and integrate a robust research data ecosystem. Protecting Carolina’s research data assets advances open science, fosters innovation, and ensures the future of the University’s billion-dollar research enterprise.  

Our Vision

We envision a future in which research data receives care and attention throughout its entire lifecycle; in which campus infrastructure is federated into an ecosystem of expertise, support, and technology that promote discovery and invention; in which Carolina is a beacon of excellence in data stewardship for other institutions to follow. 

The Research Data Management Core represents Carolina’s vanguard effort toward that goal.  

Our Values

Open science 

We promote and support scientific practices that ensure research and its outputs are as accessible as possible to researchers, educators, and the general public. Open science mitigates barriers that keep new and novel scientific discoveries behind paywalls. By integrating open science into normative practices, society is able to build upon, collaborate with, and enhance scientific discoveries at a faster rate to the betterment of all.

Open source software 

Whenever possible, and always as a first option, we will use and develop open source software to support data management and sharing initiatives. These tools will be made available through common open source licensing standards for other developers to collaborate on and contribute to.

Data management as a component of research rigor 

Data management practices and standards enhance the transparency and integrity of research by providing provenance and clarity on methods, workflows, and research protocols during the project’s lifetime while also permitting access to research outputs through a persistent preservation platform. These efforts are just as important as the research itself.

FAIR, CARE, and TRUST principles in practice 

Sharing data is a major tenet of open science; however, it is important to ensure data are being shared in line with leading principles such as the FAIR data principles and the CARE principles. We strive to make data findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable while also ensuring that considerations are taken into account for data representing indigenous or vulnerable communities. We want to share as much data as possible but restrict as much data as necessary. In accordance with these principles, we also seek and promote data repositories that demonstrate trustworthiness as outlined in the TRUST principles.

Research as a community endeavor

Research should be a community effort with all parties invested in the project from start to finish. Community members should have a role within every aspect of the research including planning, data collection, analysis, dissemination, and stewardship.

The growth of the UNC research enterprise 

The UNC research enterprise is well-known and thriving. Our efforts to educate and support the research community in data management and sharing best practices and standards will help grow this enterprise through greater visibility of and accessibility to UNC research outputs.

Supporting research that benefits the people of North Carolina and beyond 

We are committed to supporting the abundance of research conducted at UNC which will be a benefit to not only North Carolina, but to the world.