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Before submitting your materials through RAMSeS, it is important to plan appropriately for all data collection, storage, analysis, and sharing activities. We recommend planning for these activities at the very start of conceptualizing your project by creating a list of the resources and expertise you will need for your project to succeed.

Here are a few questions to help you plan:

  1. How much data will be collected during this project? Where will the data be stored and how will it be kept secure?
  2. Does the project team have sufficient expertise to collect, clean, and analyze the data or will expertise need to be hired?
  3. Who will manage the data and oversee the successful implementation of the data management and sharing plan? Is this someone on the team or will expertise need to be hired?
  4. Where will the data eventually be shared and preserved in accordance with data sharing policies? Will someone on the team perform these tasks or will expertise need to be hired?
  5. What are the fees for hiring any needed expertise? Will the project need a Letter of Support or Memorandum of Understanding?

Once you have identified your project needs, it is important to begin conversations with all relevant parties early on to secure quotes, MOUs, letters of support, etc. This information is critical to completing a data management and sharing plan.

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